"Let them praise His Name with dance!"
  Psalm 149:3


Consistently ranked one of the best dance studios in the Des Moines Metro, DAC is committed to our mission:
To share our love of dance with each student, enriching his or her life with the knowledge that dancing is a gift from God in which we participate to give God praise and glory.
DAC has so much to offer your dancer. Not only do we have qualified staff, but they are fun and excited to see your child grow in their knowledge and love of dance. Though there are many students who come through the doors at Dance-a-Cross, we strive to create a lasting relationship with them so they not only feel excited to dance, but comfortable and safe. 

Get to know Us...

Dance-a-Cross is a family owned and operated business. Susan Palso started Dance-a-Cross in 1995 in the basement of her home in Des Moines. Beginning with only 13 students, DAC has grown to over 500 in 2018. Because of Susan's faith, Dance-a-Cross grew each year.
She moved her studio into a small, one dance floor building on the south side of Des Moines in 1998. Continuing to grow in number, it was time to move again. DAC made the jump to West Des Moines in 2005 to Normandy Plaza, however, it did not look like it does today.
From 2005 to 2008 we only had the Technique room and the Cafe area (which at the time was only a waiting area). Our dance family was getting bigger and bigger, so we purchased the south end of the plaza and opened another dance floor, the Gallery, and the dancewear shop. We didn’t wait long to purchase the other side of the building and open the Ballroom and the Lighthouse in 2010. Once again, the need for more practice room arose and we turned part of the store and offices into another dance floor in 2018. We are proud to announce the newest dance floor: Studio 95. Wow, what a journey!
Along the way, many family and friends have joined the DAC team: Chris Palso (Susan’s husband), Sara Lyons (Daughter #1), Katie Friesen (Daughter #2), Abby Burris (Daughter #3), Emily Barrett (Niece), and Jean Niffenegger (Mother).  
  1. Susan Palso
  2. Katie Friesen
  3. Abby Burris
  4. Sara Lyons
  5. Emily Barrett
  6. Kelly Engle
  7. Lizzie Monroe
  8. Tina Erickson
  9. Brooke Schneider
  10. Heidi Lepley
  11. Chris Palso

Dance with Us...

Take tap, jazz, ballet, tumbling, and hip-hop dance lessons, at DAC dance studio in West Des Moines, Iowa. And that's not all! For the more experienced we offer dance instruction in pointe' and modern classes, as well as our competition team. These teams perform in two regional competitions each year and a national competition every other year. You might also see us at various church and community events (check out our performances page for more details).

Our fall session starts in September and runs through May. However, your dancer can begin with us at any time of the year. January is another great time to jump into a dance class. We will have something for every age and ability level.

See the Class Schedule  to find a fun class that is right for you! Give us a call or stop by the studio and see is DAC is your new dance home!
What is a Christian-based
dance studio? 
Along with pop music, Broadway show music, and children’s songs, at DAC we often use contemporary Christian music and modern worship music.

We are very conservative and spend many hours each year choosing fun, attractive costumes that we consider appropriate for our dancers. You will be able to see examples of different costumes from past recitals with all of the class photos hanging on the walls. 

All of our choreography is approved by our owner/director, Susan Palso, to ensure that movements are appropriate and modest for our young dancers. The standard for our choreography is simple: It should be pleasing to God when He watches our students dance. 

Recitals and Productions
When our dancers perform in public, we want to audience to feel comfortable. Our shows and performances are alwasy family friendly. 
Our annual recital in June is always a fun, kid friendly theme. We alternate between Disney classics and Biblical stories.